Considering a switch to a VoIP-based phone system? You”ll need to know about SIP Trunking.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) allows voice traffic to travel over data networks. It connects legacy phones and the Internet. In order to do this right, you”ll need to know how SIP functions. On its own, and integrated into OCS 2007.

These resources popped up in my alerts and/or RSS recently. Two are downloads; one”s an online guide.

1. Podcast: “Reality Check: Five Things You Should Know About SIP”

Start here if you”re unsure what SIP does/can do. Download the 8-minute podcast or listen to it on the page.
The five things are (in brief):

  • SIP is more than just telephony;
  • Trunking enables end-to-end IP (lots of applications);
  • SIP is about Presence (remember what we”ve said about Presence?);
  • The SIP Forum is available for reference;
  • Mobile SIP is out there too.

2. White Paper: “The Benefits of Using a Demarcation Device When Integrating Legacy Voice, SIP Trunks and Microsoft OCS R2”

Published by NET, this white paper makes a thorough case for switching to SIP/OCS over PBX phones. Some of its examples include better voice quality, cost savings, & more efficient use of bandwidth.

The white paper”s about using a demarcation device (their own product) to help integrate SIP. But don”t let that sway you; the reference material is great. It even shows a lot of the inherent complexities of an OCS-based phone system. (I think they went a bit overhead with that topic; our OCS implementations don”t usually get near that complex!).

Download the white paper at the UC Strategies Blog.

3. OCSPedia”s “Step-by-Step Mediation Server Guide” Online Resource.

One of Mediation Server”s primary functions is to translate SIP-over-TCP to SIP-over-TLS. In other words, if you want to call out with OCS? You need a Mediation Server in place to handle SIP. has kindly written out a series of detailed instructions on installing/configuring Mediation Server. And several posts on what it does/how to make use of it. Step-by-Step Mediation Server Guide

These days, SIP Trunking is an essential component of any serious VoIP system. Even major telco providers have SIP Trunking available now (for approved hardware of course; we keep a list). So read up!

Anything more to add on SIP? Post it in the comments, or email me.

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Three SIP Resources You''ll Need for VoIP
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