By now we all know Lync Server 2013 is coming out very soon. With it will be a new version of the Lync desktop client, called Lync 2013.

But there’s another Lync client coming too…

Lync App for Windows 8 and Windows RT Coming This Month

A new Lync app has been developed for use with Windows 8. This means you can use it on the new Surface tablet, or other tablets using WinRT (coming soon from manufacturers like Lenovo).

The question is…what do we call the app?

Lync clients don’t have a very creative naming convention. (Sorry Microsoft!) Lync 2010, Lync 2013…not much room for anything in-between here.

It’s been referred to as Lync MX in the past. But the name is not mentioned on the Lync Team’s official blog. Was it abandoned? Held back? We don’t know.

Which means we’re still without a proper name.

Let’s run through some features of the new Windows 8/RT Lync app. See if we can’t tease out a useful name from there.

Features in the New Lync RT-Friendly App

Last month, Microsoft’s Lync Team posted on their official blog about the new Lync app’s capabilities. Here’s a list of them:

  • Compatible with both Lync Server 2010 and Lync Server 2013
  • Optimized for a touch interface (e.g., tablets & smartphones)
  • Includes voice & video, IM, Presence, Lync Meetings
  • Shares with a Windows 8/RT version of OneNote
  • Skype Federation

So this new Windows 8 Lync app will do pretty much everything Lync 2010 & Lync 2013 do. Good; tablet users shouldn’t be cut out from services just because they’re on a tablet. The backwards/forwards compatibility is valuable too.

However, if you read the post…you’ll note that they don’t have a name for it either.

So, being a Lync fan(atic) and always in a mood to help out my fellow tech pros, I’ve decided to create a name for the new Lync app.

I’m not doing this officially, of course. But if Microsoft wants to adopt my name for their new app after it’s released (in a week or so), I’d be honored!

So, let’s see what kind of choices we have…

Lync Metro? Microsoft already dropped the Metro label. No.

Lync RT? That might follow Microsoft’s pattern, but it doesn’t do anything to detail the new app’s function. No.

Lync Portable? Sounds clunky. Nope.

Lync Touch? Hmmmm…might work. It makes me think of the iPod Touch though, and I don’t think Microsoft would go for that.

I know! This new Lync app is intended not only to run on multiple new interfaces, but to connect between different services on those interfaces. Lync Server 2010, 2013, Skype, Surface…
It’s a bridge.

Lync Bridge.

That’ll do.  Clear meaning to it, easy to remember.

Microsoft, full and free permission to use “Lync Bridge” for this new app!


Look for “Lync Bridge” in the Windows Store when it’s released. Release date is supposedly late October, so any day now!

So What Do We Call the Lync App for Windows 8?

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