I’m mired in development work this week (and maybe next!).

Can’t simply leave my Lync Insider readers in the dark, though! For your reading enjoyment, may I present some recent posts on Lync Server 2013 from my illustrious fellow bloggers.

Step by Step Installing Lync Server 2013 Standard Edition Front End on Windows 2012 – Part 1: Matt Landis Windows PBX & UC Report
Matt wrote the post I cited the other day about a Lync federation directory. He’s back with a guide to installing the Lync Server 2013 Preview Front End server. Plenty of screenshots, and *everything* is step-by-step – from preparing your Active Directory to adding users.

He’s also careful to note that the 2013 Preview is NOT meant for live environments. (Besides, this is Part 1, covering Front End only.) So if you follow this guide – and I highly recommend you do – keep the install in testing!

Lync 2013 – XMPP Federation: Unified Communications with Microsoft Blog
A little how-to on Lync Server 2013’s XMPP Federation. I’ve never actually been to this blog before, but I like the writer’s no-nonsense style. Drago, the author, is careful to put in required DNS records and firewall entries. Being a longtime Google Talk/Google Voice user, I like having XMPP Federation. The setup looks pretty easy, too.

Using Lync 2010 applications with Lync 2013 (and Lync 2013 applications with Lync 2010): ThoughtStuff.co.uk
Tom at the Developing Lync blog gives us all a good reminder: Don’t put the 2013 Beta client on a system that already has Lync 2010 on it. If you’re testing the Preview, uninstall Lync 2010 first. Otherwise you’ll come across an annoying COM exception, which Tom has documented here.

Video Interoperability in Lync 2013: Jeff Schertz’s Blog
Jeff’s how-to posts are among the best you’ll find on Lync Server, period. His latest post addresses Lync Server 2013’s interoperability with other video conferencing technology out there. And WOW is it detailed! He dissects video codecs, signaling and media to illustrate how video streams work.

The reason why becomes clear when he moves into Lync 2013’s video capabilities. And then, discussing what Lync (and third-party systems) will need to do, to maintain interoperability.

Fair warning: the post is a dense read. But if you plan on working with video in Lync Server 2013, it’s well worth the time.

Integrating Exchange 2013 Preview and Lync Server 2013 Preview: NextHop
NextHop never fails to provide clearly-written information on Lync Server. This latest post discusses which services integrate between Lync Server 2013 Preview and the Exchange Server 2013 Preview.

I don’t like using cliches to describe technical concepts, but it looks like Lync Server and Exchange Server 2013 went to another level in terms of integration. The post details:

  • The four Archiving options available,
  • Housing Lync contacts on the Exchange mailbox,
  • And making use of Exchange Unified Messaging to route calls.

The post also provides a sample environment configuration, PowerShell commands to activate the services mentioned, and testing.

I sure hope there’s enough left for me to write about after these guys are through!

Lync Love – Exploring Lync Server 2013

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