Right now there are two Lync Server certifications:
70-664 Microsoft Lync Server 2010, Configuring, and
70-665 Microsoft Lync Server 2010, Administrator.

However, they’re both very new certs. So new in fact, that we don’t have a lot of ways to prepare for them!

Oh, Microsoft has a 5-day class and an e-learning module. But no MS Press books. And no practice tests (yikes!). What do we do?

It’s up to the bloggers, I guess. And we’ve already taken up the challenge. In fact, the heavy lifting has already been done.

Lync Study Guides, Courtesy of GeeksWithBlogs

Enrique Lima at GeeksWithBlogs.Net has meticulously gone through both certs’ “Skills Measured” lists and paired each objective with a TechNet article.

Add these posts to your study aids:
Unofficial Prep guide for TS: Microsoft Lync Server 2010, Configuring (70-664)

Unofficial Prep guide for PRO: Microsoft Lync Server 2010, Administrator (70-665) Part 1 of 2

Unofficial Prep guide for PRO: Microsoft Lync Server 2010, Administrator (70-665) Part 2 of 2

A Book and a Practice Exam

If you want a practice exame, about the only thing I came across was ExamWorx. They list dozens of practice exams and demos for certs. They have one each for 70-664 and 70-665. 664 seems a little out of date (it calls Lync “The Next Release of Office Communications Server 2007”), but it’s better than nothing.

Each has a 10-question demo available for free download. I tried them both out – fairly basic, but it could help you get into the testing mindset.

A much bigger help, I think, comes from this book: Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Unleashed, published by Sams.

It’s an extremely detailed guide to Lync Server 2010. Sams once again has a winner.

The only snag is, the Skills Measured lists don’t correspond to the book. You can find them IN the book, but you’ll have to search.

In the interests of saving us all time, I put together this list of callouts between Skills Measured listed on 70-665’s page and Lync Unleashed pages. (The ones I’ve found so far. There are more.)

  • Design Mediation Topology: Pages 444-452, Chapter 18
  • Design Edge Topology: Pages 140-149, Chapter 6.
  • Design Call Admission Control (CAC): Page 470, Chapter 18.
  • Design for Voice Routing: Pages 455-461, Chapter 18/Pages 739-741, Chapter 28
  • Define Conference Policies: Pages 124, Chapter 5 AND Pages 503-517, Chapter 19
  • Design for Response Group Services (RGS): Pages 483-496, Chapter 18
  • Plan for Migration: Pages 407-421, Chapter 16

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some studying to do.

Are you taking the Lync Server certification exams? What helped you prepare the most? Please share it with the rest of us!

Help Preparing for Lync Server Certifications: Resources and Direction

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