Troubleshooting, Lync Wikis, Another Lync Server Update and A SQL Warning

I’ve seen a lot of updates on the Lync field lately. New documentation, software patches, and lots of information shared.

So much information in fact, that I wanted to pull some important things out from the tide. These are too good for our readers to miss!

Keeping up on Lync Server? You’ll want to know about these 4 items.

Lync will NOT work with SQL 2012 (right now).

Planning an upgrade to SQL Server 2012 in the coming year? If you use Lync Server, you may want to wait. According to the TechNet Blogs, SQL 2012 does not support Lync Server 2010.

This is due to SQL 2012 dropping support for DMO (Distributed Management Objects), an older set of objects which let programs do some SQL management. Lync Server still uses DMO. The blog’s author, Damien Caro, has provided links to explain more about DMO and SQL.

This has to change soon. Having Lync and SQL incompatible doesn’t make any sense. Either Microsoft will introduce an add-on that allows Lync to work with SQL 2012, or there will be a fix in the next version. Keep it in mind.

Lync Server Cumulative Update 5 (CU5) has been released.

The fifth Cumulative Update for Lync is out. Credit to Justin Morris at for making the announcement (he’s on the ball with these!).

CU5 contains fixes for video in Remote Call Control (RCC). Justin has already done the work of finding the links, so I’ll send you over to his blog for the downloads.

Lync Server 2010 Cumulative Update 5 Download Links at

Maybe a future Cumulative Update will fix the Lync 2010/SQL 2012 issue. If so, you have yet another reason to always patch when a new Update is released!

Lync Wikis are now available.

If you’ve used Wikipedia, you know that wikis are a great way to collect information about topics. TechNet has created wikis for Lync Server and Office 365’s Lync Online. Where you, me and everyone interested in Lync can share what they know.

Lync Server Wiki Portal

Lync Online Wiki Portal

Starting out, these two use different navigation structures. The Lync Wiki starts with an Overview in the “Wiki Navigation” section of the main page. The Lync Online Wiki has organized by resource type instead.

The best thing about a wiki, however, is that it changes depending on what its community decides. DrRez has some guidelines on how to use the new Wikis, to get you going.

And yes, you’ll find me milling about in there!

Troubleshoot Lync Phone Edition Issues (and Phone Firmware) at Jeff Schertz’s blog.

Jeff Schertz (Lync Server MVP and an excellent blogger) has posted a “massive” troubleshooting article. It gives exhaustive detail on fixing problems with Lync Phone Edition, AND firmware for compatible phones.

The content is very technical (Jeff gives firmware screenshots and log analyses), and calling it massive is not an exaggeration!

Lync administrators, if you support a lot of desktop phones in your environment, this needs to go in your resource library. Grab a coffee and start reading.

Now you’re (a little more) up to date on what’s happening. Plenty more out there, too.

Next week I’m digging into Lync Mobile a little more. Join me on Wednesday for the details!

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