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Didn’t we already review this headset? Well, yes and no.

I titled this a “mini-review” because I did post a review on the Jabra BIZ 620 USB headset last month.

But one thing’s different today. Last month’s review was done on the Mono (single earpiece) model.

The Jabra BIZ 620 Duo has two earpieces.

Like its Mono brother, it has an adjustable microphone arm on one earpiece. The mic swivels to either side, so you can use it on the left or right ear (I prefer the right).

In fact switching the headset around is easier to do with the Duo model, since both ears are covered anyway.

Headset controls are located in the same call control knob as the Mono model. Located on the headset’s cord, it has four buttons for adjusting volume up/down, answering a call, and ending a call.

Advantages of the Jabra 620 Duo: Better Focus on Conversations, Music Playback

As someone who’s always used one ear with their phone, the Jabra 620 Duo takes a little bit of adjustment. The good kind – with two earpieces, it’s easier to tune out background noises when you have a call.

Test calls revealed the same audio quality, in and out, as the 620 Mono. That and the dual earpieces make Lync calls easy to make, pay full attention to, and end with a button-push.

Oh, and the 620 Duo will play music through its earpieces ( the Mono wouldn’t).

Comfort Warning: Don’t Fiddle With It Too Much

The only disadvantage I note is the weight of the control knob. It can pull down on the headset if you move it too much. With the Mono headset this isn’t too big a deal.

But with the Duo headset, you’re aware of the other ear piece slipping off your ear when it pulls down. More to adjust. So you notice it more quickly.

Still, pretty small price to pay for an immersive VoIP headset with good sound quality and an adjustable mic!

What headset do you use with Lync?

Jabra BIZ 620 Duo Headset: Lync Calls in Stereo (Mini-Review)
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