Some people learn by reading, some by doing, and some by seeing. Which are you?

Up until now I haven’t done much beyond text on this blog. But today, I have a treat for the visual learners – eight Lync Server how-to videos!

I’ve written a lot of how-to on this blog over the past year. Most of what’s covered in these videos can be found here in text format. However, if you’d rather SEE how to set up an Edge Server or call forwarding, these are for you.

How to Install a Lync Server: Start to Finish, on Video

The first 5 videos come from a YouTube member named “ITBananas.” (Their YouTube Channel is here: We’re looking at a 5-part series on how to install and configure a Lync Server 2010 setup.

I suggest watching these in Full Screen mode. It makes seeing the options selected easier.

Video 1 – Install and Configure Lync Server 2010 – Installing ADCS

Video 2 – Install and Configure Lync Server 2010 – Prerequisites

Video 3 – Install and Configure Lync Server 2010 Part 1

Video 4 – Install and Configure Lync Server 2010 Part 2

Video 5 – Install and Configure Lync Server 2010 Part 3

The videos can run a little fast. And there’s no voiceover. (I don’t mind that, but it might throw you off if you expected audio.)

Nonetheless, these make for a good step-by-step visual aid to installing Lync Server.

More How-To: Edge Servers, Call Forwarding and Making Lync Calls

Add an Edge Server to Lync Server 2010

This video was posted by “AhmedYousryHassan,” who’s likely a Microsoft tech. (The “Microsoft TechNet” logo at the beginning, and the domain used, sort of give it away.)

This video does have voiceover. It walks you through using Topology Builder to add an Edge server to an existing Lync setup.

It’s a very clear how-to on one specific task. I’m adding this to our training regimen.

Setup Call Forwarding and Simultaneous ring in Lync 2010

We’ve had a few call forwarding questions lately, so I wanted to include a good how-to video for setting it up.

Since this one comes from the Microsoft Lync Adoption and Training Kit, I’d say it qualifies.

Make a Call Using Lync 2010

The acting is kind of bland, but don’t let that ruin this Microsoft training video. It does a good job of showing Lync’s call options. Starting calls from IM, adding people to existing calls, two-click conference calls, and so on.

What other Lync Server videos have you seen? Any good how-to’s we should mention here?

How-To Videos for Lync Server

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