It never fails. You blog about a topic, then you come across more information on it.

After last week’s post on Lync certs, a co-worker and I discussed the cert tests he just took (and passed, yay!). He mentioned that the Lync Resource Kit had helped him out. I took another look, and guess what? New stuff came out!

Follow-Up to Lync Certification: Updated Lync Resource Kit Chapters, and a Visual Aid

Two of the 19 available Lync Server Resource Kit Chapters were updated in late August. According to DrRez, they updated “Enterprise Voice” and “External User Access.”
The Enterprise Voice chapter added 8 pages on Call Admission Control (CAC). Given how important this call-routing technology is to Lync, all of us should read through it before the cert test.

DrRez also has a visual aid for us: a Protocol Workloads poster for Lync. It clarifies workload by Server Role: IM and Presence, A/V and Web Conferencing, Enterprise Voice, Application Sharing and Central Management.

The layout for each workload is very similar. Makes it easy to see how the roles can be installed side-by-side in the server room.

Follow-Up to Branch Appliance: Posts from

One of the sites I check regularly is, Curtis Johnstone’s blog. It’s a Lync-focused blog (like mine!) with lots of hands-on knowledge. Great resource.

This week’s check showed me two newer posts that relate to my post on Lync Branch Appliances a couple weeks ago.

A. Microsoft Lync Remote PowerShell Administration
Contains tips and a link on remote administration for Lync Servers (like a branch appliance). Pay attention to #3 and #4; if your certificates and your scripts aren’t cooperating, there’s only so much you can do remotely.

While you’re there, read this post on virtualization with Lync:

B. 10 Basics on Lync Server Virtualization
Just like the title says; virtualization basics for Lync. This WILL NOT help you with a branch appliance; as #2 points out, it’s the only server role that can’t be virtualized.

However, virtualization is something to keep in mind when you plan a branch appliance. Will a virtualized Server Role at the main office drop my branch appliance’s performance? Should I virtualize any additional branch servers? And so on.

Arm Yourself (With Knowledge!) Before the Exam

A final note: My co-worker also mentioned that 70-664 (Lync Server Configuring) was more difficult than 70-665 (Lync Server Administrator). So if you’re studying for these certs, spend a little extra time on the Administrator material!

Have you taken the Lync certification exams, or are you planning to? I’d like to hear about it. Please comment or email if you want to share your experience.

Follow-Ups: More Resources for Lync Certs and Branch Appliances

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